The Cognitive Switch – Sam Evans

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The Cognitive Switch: Turn Off Self-Sabotage and Turn On Self-Empowerment Like a Flick of a Switch


When you truly surrender to the inner work, embrace change, and lovingly accept who you truly are, everything is possible. 

The Cognitive Switch is a powerful listen that will allow you to finally unlock the missing pieces of the puzzle that have kept you stuck, stagnant, and stressed, so you can turn on self-empowerment like a flick of a switch. 

Trusting the decisions you make and the actions you take can be difficult when you lack faith, trust, and belief in yourself that you are good enough. 

But life doesn’t have to be or stay that way. 

Using Sam’s four-part framework, it’s time you learned why you have been held back and how you can finally start co-creating an abundant life full of joy, happiness, and fulfillment, simply by tapping within. 

It’s time for you to switch off the self-sabotage and turn on your self-empowerment, like a flick of a switch!

The power is within you!

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by Sam Evans | Audiobook: Finalé


by Sam Evans | Audiobook: Outro

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