She Empowers – Noshiela Maqsood

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She Empowers: Empowering Muslim Women to Heal & Become Generational Change Makers


When you heal, you impact those around you and the generations to come.

Welcome to your guide on healing, growth and evolution for the empowered Muslim women. She Empowers is an easy-to-follow guide that will help you through your journey of transforming your mindset, mastering your emotions, and connecting back to your soul’s purpose in life. When a woman heals, she heals those around her, and the generations to come.

Noshiela went from emotionally blackmailed to emotionally empowered. Escaping a prison sentence taught her a lot about her lack of self-worth, self-love and self-respect, yet she couldn’t escape the mental prison she found herself in daily until she healed. Noshiela is a transformational mindset, emotional mastery coach and NLP trainer for women who has coached and trained women globally to create generational healing and change.

Are you ready to heal from the past and start living by your highest purpose?

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by Noshiela Maqsood | Audiobook: Chapter 1


by Noshiela Maqsood | Audiobook: Outro

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