Podcast Subscriptions

A done-for-you service, we like to call Paas (Podcast as a Service). All you need is your episode content, a microphone and wifi, simply book in to let us know when you are ready to record or you can record alone in your own private studio we will provide you. We can support you no matter where you are in the world as long as you have wifi and access to a PC / laptop.

If you need video podcasting and support with streaming to YouTube, that’s no problem we can help you with this too. Video is a growing industry so remember to engage your watching audience as well as your listeners.

If you prefer to record alone and just need editing services we offer that too. There is a package for everyone.

Podcast as a Service (PaaS)

MP4 Video Podcasts


You 100% deserve to be SEEN and HEARD, we will ensure the very best quality of sound for your projects. Our remote recording studio software is so trusted, it is also used by some of the most well known brands in the industry including Marvel and Spotify. 

We obtain locally recorded sound and video direct from your pc or laptop, it is then uploaded directly to our server with the added bonus of an internet recorded back-up as a fail safe. You can record from the comfort of your office or home, with one of our team on hand supporting you to produce studio quality sound.


Jo deals with all of our clients directly, for set-up, strategy, launch, growth, performance reviews, ROI. With 25 years in corporate management, 10 years at C-Suite & CEO level improving, acquiring, and scaling £100 million+ per annum corporations and start-ups in a highly regulated industry as a trusted Business Consultant, Coach and Mentor.

You can rest assured when working with Jo, to launch your podcast, the end-to-end strategy of your business goals and how these tie together with audio or visuals will be strategically considered.


Because you know it makes sense to showcase your products and services in many different formats to give your brand the visibility it deserves. When you opt to standout and become the ‘obvious choice’ in your area of expertise. 

We can support you to make this happen. We will get you seen and heard on all the major global listener platforms. Not only that, we can also provide you with MP4 video content (subtitled and un-subtitled), stop the scroll graphics, listener links with platform-specific graphics, trailers and soundbites. In a world where you can be anything, make sure you are VISIBLE.


We will work with you to agree cover and episode graphics and ‘stop the scroll’ video templates to use for each episode.  These can be provided in various formats for social media posts, YouTube, advertorials and stories. 


We can provide you with VTT, SRT, PDF, TXT and MS Word versions of each podcast episode. We recommend these are made available to your listeners for accessibility and also to enhance SEO on your websit. 


We can write your episode shows notes for you and ensure reference to essential links are included. We will include a synopsis of what the episode is about, why the listener should click play and what the key take aways will be. 

If you want to take advantage of the PaaS done for you service, all of the above optional extras are included in the service. 

Our Pricing Plans

We offer the best recording studio rates for true world-classaudio production you will find anywhere!


Lets Get You Podcasting


2 payments of £750

  • 3 x 1 Hour Launch Strategy and Support Calls with Jo Day (KYC, ideal listener, design, tech, launch, blueprints)
  • 1  x 1 hour Training Session
  • Private Digital Studio SOC2 Type II Certified
  • Podcast Cover Design
  • Podcast Guest Cover Design
  • Assisted Recording
  • Full Editing and Production of Intros and Outros including Soundtrack Licence
  • Full Editing and Production of  1- 15 minute Trailer
  • 3 Trailer Soundbite Graphics (Font and Brand Colours)
  • All Files ID3 Metadata Tagged to Enhance Google SEO
  • Your Podcast Connected to Major Distribution Platforms

* for a one-off fee of £250 we also offer Migration and connection-only services for existing podcasts and for podcast hosts who already have covers, intros, outros, trailers etc. £250.



6 Month Subscription


6 monthly payments of £700 or £4200 payment in full

  • Production & Sound Engineer
  • Private Digital Studio SOC2 Type II Certified
  • Record anytime 24/7 (5 hours recording per month included)
  • Full Editing and Production of 26 Podcast Episodes
  • 26-episode project plan and schedule
  • 5 Soundbites (9:16) per Episode (depending on audio track length)
  • Full-length (16:9) video
  • Upload To Our Recommended Podcast Hosting Provider
  • Show notes written
  • Distribution To All Major Channels
  • Available in WAV and MP3 Audio
  • RSS Feeds & Podcast Player Embed Codes for Your Website
  • Monthly Strategy Call (6 inc)
  • Raw Transcription
  • Closed Captions
  • Monthly payment plan
  • Weekly Episodes


Seasons / Adhoc

Tells us how many episodes / duration


*Prices start from £165 up to a 45-minute audio.

  • Production & Sound Engineer
  • Private Branded Digital Studio SOC2 Type II Certified
  • Assisted Recording
  • Full Editing and Production of each Podcast Episode
  • Asana project plan and schedule
  • 5 Soundbites (9:16) per Episode
  • Upload to your hosting site
  • Show notes
  • Distribution To All Major Channels
  • Available WAV and MP3 Audio
  • RSS Feeds & Podcast Player Embed Codes for Your Website
  • Raw Transcription 
  • Pay in Full or Monthly Plan