Live What You Love – Sarah Stone

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Live What You Love: The Definitive Guide to Intentionally Improving Your Life, Home, Business and Finances Using Creative Feng Shui


Live What You Love is the audiobook that’s going to have you rocketing toward everything you desire to have in your life and live in a completely intentional way.

No, this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, and no, this isn’t another audiobook that dangles a magic unicorn. This audiobook will transform your life, through leveraging the power of Creative Feng Shui.

Author Sarah Stone has helped clients convert their dream business transactions, create harmonious homes, and enhance positive relationships, and in this audiobook, you’ll discover the secrets of how they made that happen.

Creative Feng Shui is a totally new modality. It combines the useful and necessary ancient tradition of feng shui, law of attraction, and energy flow with the modern art of intentional living – making this proven artform accessible, useful, and enjoyable for the modern age.

The only real question remains, are you ready to accelerate and attract your desires in every area of your life? As in making more money, activating wealth, attracting your perfect partner, and more?

Of course you are, so dive into Live What You Love and uncover the tools and information you need to take the action to attract everything you desire and harness a magic that you’ll swear by forever.

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Live What You Love

by Sarah Stone | Audiobook: Intro

Live What You Love

by Sarah Stone | Audiobook: Outro

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