I Am The Queen Bee – Dani Wallace

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I Am the Queen Bee: How I Overcame Self-Sabotage to #FLYANYWAY and How You Can Too

If you have ever gotten in your own way when it comes to getting the things you want in life, then you need to stop what you are doing and listen to this audiobook!

Dani shares how she has broken generational cycles of self-sabotage and living on the breadline to becoming the creator of her own destiny and leader of a movement that has seen thousands of people all over the world stepping up into their own versions of success.

Using her inimitable combination of straight-talking, humor, and genuine love for her audience, I Am the Queen Bee is an uplifting and informative audiobook that is guaranteed to have you fired up and equipped with all the tools you need so that you, too, can fly anyway!

Get your copy here…

I Am The Queen Bee

by Dani Wallace | Audible Sample

I Am The Queen Bee

by Dani Wallace | Audiobook Outro

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