Get your Money Right – Michael W. Hanna

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Get Your Money Right | Michael W. Hanna


This book is written to help people secure their financial freedom, to avoid the inflexibility and chains of insufficient funds, and to retain the financial wherewithal to be their best selves, free from worry, constraint, and confusion.

This is a practical approach to harness your resources in a systematic way to help ensure financial comfort, clarity, and independence. Michael W. Hanna developed an unusual penchant for numbers from an early age and took to wealth management naturally. He graduated from the Stern School of Business at NYU and is a certified financial planner™, a retirement income certified professional, and an accredited estate planner, and was named one of Forbes top 250 financial security professionals in America in 2021.

Over the last two decades, Mike has helped a wide spectrum of clients to create a financial road map to wealth accumulation, customized for each client’s goals and aspirations. A consistent leader in his practice, Mike is also an active member of many financial organizations, such as the Society of Financial Service Professionals, the Financial Planning Association, the New York City Estate Planning Council, and the Million Dollar Round Table, an organization of the top five percent of finance professionals in the country.

Mike’s passion for wealth management stems from seeing the restrictions many people have because of their financial inflexibility, and he has dedicated his life’s work to helping people carve out a better financial way forward, one free of uncertainty and financial worry.

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