Equanimity – Tabassum Sabir

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Equanimity: The Journey to Emotional Mastery


Have you ever been told you are emotional?

Have you ever been asked, “Who do you think you are?”

Have you always been this way?…some days feeling calm and collected, other days overwhelmed with various emotions.

Equanimity is the book to be reading regardless of where you are on the journey of emotional mastery. A step-by-step account of the author’s personal experience. Each chapter builds on the last and provides workable (practical) action steps plus a pool of resources to dip into whenever you like.

This makes Equanimity, not just another self-help book! 

You are unique and beautiful the way you are and that is a gift to the world. The Emotional Mastery journey shows you how to facilitate your healing as Tabassum has done for many of her clients, having worked with hundreds of people.

Tabassum is passionate about creating generational change by facilitating emotional healing and helping people achieve Emotional Mastery so they can lead their most fulfilled and purposeful lives.

Are you ready to master your emotions and be more you?

Are you ready to be more Be-YOU-tiful?

Get your copy here…

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