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I’m Jo Day, Founder of Audio and Co.®, and I’m excited to share with you our all-new and accessible for everyone audiobook and podcast launch and production done for you services. I have a fantastic team working with me, we are a family and close friends run business, with years of experience between us. I began my journey in publishing and digital formatting content in 2018 when my autobiography ‘Strength & Power’ topped the amazon bestseller charts in 15 categories, it was at this point I joined the Authors and Co team heading up interior formatting of their book projects, and to be honest, I’ve never looked back.

We specialise in all things audio, and visual, and can format your book manuscript into a variety of formats including digital, print and audio. 

If you are thinking of launching a podcast or need assistance with the production, editing and management of it each week, we have that covered too. 

I think the best way to demonstrate what we do is to show you, as the proof is most definitely in the pudding you can view and listen to our work via the online shop and news hub!  I look forward to supporting you in becoming seen and heard;




Mission Statement

We believe reading, listening and viewing channels should not be reserved for celebrities with large follower audiences.

Our mission is to support everyone, regardless of status and ensure that all broadcasting and publishing channels are made accessible for all.

If you have a story to write, a view point to get across, an area of expertise to showcase, a short film or documentary, a chat show you always wanted to host Audio and Co.® are here to be the vehicle to make it happen.

“Recording Audio, Recording History”

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If you need help in deciding which package is right for you and your business no problem. Lets have a chat to see which package would be the best fit. Book a call for the relevant package and I’ll be happy to dicuss this with you.